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3 Things to Remember When Fighting for Custody

Whenever a family is separating, it is incredibly overwhelming for any children, especially if they are young because they are unable to understand the reason behind their parents separating. Take a look below to discover a few things you should keep in mind when fighting for custody.   Child Custody Attorney Carroll County

Try Not to Fight in Front of Your Children

When you and your spouse are in front of your children, you should do your best not to fight with each other because it can be traumatic for your little ones.

Don’t Talk Bad About Your Spouse in Front of Your Children

When you are in this situation, you might find it easy to vent about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but you should not say negative things in front of your children. Your kids do not need to hear bad things about either parent.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

When the decision goes to the courts, they will always put the child’s best interest first. Choosing an experienced child custody attorney in Carroll County will be beneficial because they know how to convey that the best interest of the child includes you. We cannot guarantee any outcome, but we are dedicated to your case to provide you with the ideal conclusion.

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Spending Time with Your Child When Fighting for Custody

If you are in the middle of fighting for custody for your child, you may find yourself under a lot of stress. We understand that it is always on your mind, but when you are spending time with your child, you shouldn’t let the pressure and stress impact your time together. Take a look below to discover some activities you can do together.Child Custody Attorney Carroll County

Eating their Favorite Breakfast

From making pancakes together to having their favorite cereal, just spending time with them in the morning is an excellent start to the day. Not only will this allow you to spend time together, but you can catch up with things that are new for them like school and their friends.

Participating in their Hobbies

Whether you are helping your little one practice for an upcoming game/recital or watching movies together, you can enjoy every moment by participating in activities they love to do.

Even though you might not be able to spend as much time together as you would like, that doesn’t mean you can make that time count. Doing things they enjoy is an excellent place to start. If you need to speak with a child custody attorney in Carroll County, please dial (410) 871-0003 right now.

How to Handle the Holidays with Children

Whether you’re going through a separation or you have been divorced for a couple of years, the holidays can be a challenging time because everyone wants to spend time with the children. Our compassionate attorneys understand how emotional this time can be for you and your children, so we have created a list of some tips for you to try below.Child Custody attorney Carroll County

Make a Schedule

Discussing a schedule in advance will help take away the stress as the holidays approach. We recommend having plenty of time to decide on a plan, so everyone can agree on the terms ahead of time.

Equal Time

Both parties want to spend time with the children, so we recommend splitting the time as equal as possible. It might not be exact, but it is essential to try to make sure both parents get to see the children equally.

Swap Every Year

Depending on how close you live to your ex-spouse, you can swap the holidays every year. For example, you will get the children for Thanksgiving one year, and the next year the other person will get the kids for Thanksgiving.

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Why You Need a Child Custody Attorney in Carroll County

Child Custody Attorney Carroll CountyWhen parents decide to split, it can be extremely stressful for the children in the family because their entire world is turned upside down. Fighting for custody can be overwhelming for the parents too which is why it is crucial that you have an attorney on your side. Discover three reasons why you should hire a child custody attorney in Carroll County below.

Understanding the Laws

The attorneys at McFadden Law Offices have extensive experience working with parents and grandparents who are fighting for custody of the children and grandchildren in their lives.

Explain All Custody Options

An attorney can explain in detail the different types of child custody arrangements including legal and physical custody. Additionally, a child access schedule and or visitation can be arranged depending on the circumstances.

Present Your Case

The most important reason for having an attorney when you are fighting for child custody is that your attorney will present your case to the courts. The courts will always focus on the best interests of the child. Your attorney will help advocate on your behalf from the beginning of the case until it is resolved either via a Consent Order or after a Merits Trial.

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Child Custody Types in Maryland

Child Custody Attorney Carroll CountyOver time, relationships and marriages can deteriorate and people split up and/or file for divorce. But one of the most significant questions revolves around who is going to raise the child or children. Read more about the two main categories of custody – legal custody and physical custody – below.

Legal Custody

Legal custody refers to the responsibility for making important life decisions regarding the child’s wellbeing, such as medical treatment, education, and religion. In many cases, regardless of which parent has primary physical custody of the child, both parents will share this responsibility, with what is known as joint legal custody. In some cases, tie-breaking authority is given to one parent. In other cases still, one parent will be awarded sole legal custody, meaning that he or she is given the exclusive right to make these major decisions on behalf of the child.

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to which parent the child is physically with at any given time. Generally speaking, whichever parent has physical custody of the child at any given time is responsible for making short-term decisions of daily living, such as what to eat, when to go to bed, and what activities to engage in with the child.

In Maryland, physical custody is either primary to one parent with visitation to the other, or shared between both parents. In order to count as “shared,” both parents must have at least 128 overnights per year with the child. Even though many parents get hung up on the terminology of primary versus shared, the distinction between the two is mainly used to calculate child support payments; child access schedules will always be determined in light of the best interests of the child.

It’s best when parents are able to agree on a reasonable custody and visitation schedule. However, in more contentious cases, sometimes a judge or magistrate will need to determine which parent has primary physical custody, which parent has visitation, and what the visitation schedule will look like.

Every family situation is different from the next, which is why it is important that you speak with a child custody attorney in Carroll County right away. Call our law firm at (410) 871-0003 to speak with an experienced child custody attorney in Carroll County.