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A Trusted Divorce Lawyer in Carroll County and Throughout Maryland

Focus on your family members who are at risk the most during a potential dissolution of marriage and leave the details to a trusted divorce lawyer in Carroll County. Regardless of how necessary a divorce may be, it can still be an emotional time for everyone involved in the process. Our compassionate attorney at McFadden Law Offices is here to establish the grounds for any divorce and negotiate on your behalf for equitable distribution of property.

The process of divorcing your partner can be long and complicated. Many of our clients have jobs and obligations to attend to beyond the divorce filing, making the divorce process seem even more arduous and frustrating than it already is. Allow us to take the lead and set your mind at ease, while we work to resolve your potentially contentious family law matter.

The McFadden Law Offices provide a free consultation with our experienced lawyer, so you can understand how we will be able to help your family. If there are children involved in this divorce, you can rely on our child custody attorney in Carroll County. We offer affordable retainer fees and reasonable hourly rates.


There are numerous grounds for divorce in Maryland, including Mutual Consent; 12 Months of Separation; Adultery; Desertion/Constructive Desertion; Cruelty of Treatment; Excessively Vicious Conduct.

Generally speaking, if the parties are amicable, a mutual consent divorce can be the most cost-effective and least time-consuming path to divorce. In such cases, the parties may attend mediation to reach a settlement agreement that can then be filed with the court. In more contentious cases, however, the process for a divorce can be much more involved and require many more in-court appearances. Our attorneys work hard to resolve your divorce as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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