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Establish a set of parameters that gives your child the financial support they need to grow and thrive in the aftermath of a parental separation or divorce. When you schedule a consultation with a child support attorney in Carroll County from our law firm, we will take the time to ask the essential questions about your financial situation and the challenges you might face as a single parent.

Even the most amicable of separations can affect a child for the rest of their lives. While custody and visitation rights are decided according to the best interests of the child, child support is determined by the Maryland Child Support Guidelines. The state's formulaic guidelines are followed unless a deviation is necessary to prevent an unjust or inappropriate result.

Unless you have solid legal representation when it comes to child support, you could end up paying more or receiving less than you should. Since both parents have a legal duty to support a child based on their ability to pay, you might find yourself being asked for more than you can manage or due to the court having insufficient information a parent is paying less than he or she can. You need an experienced child support attorney in Carroll County that understands the process and knows how to hold the other party accountable.


After a full accounting of both parents' finances and an evaluation of the needs of the child, the court will decide on a reasonable amount of support. That amount can include health insurance coverage, daycare costs, and other expenses.

A failure to pay child support as ordered by the court could lead to potential wage garnishment. Non-payment could even result in a suspended license, which could further restrict your ability to care for your kids and make future child support payments.

You can petition the court for a child support modification if you believe you have experienced a material change in circumstances. We are ready to review your case to establish whether or not you may qualify for a modification of child support.

Provide for your kids and forge a new path for everyone you love with the right legal representation in your corner. Your children should never suffer due to any disagreement between you and your ex. Our lawyer is ready to take on your case.
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