A Knowledgeable Child Custody Attorney in Carroll County and Throughout Maryland

You can prove to the courts that you have the best interests of the child at heart when you collaborate with a child custody attorney in Carroll County from our law firm. Your children can quickly become caught in the crossfire of a contentious divorce proceeding. If you do not have proper representation, you might find yourself locked out of their lives. At McFadden Law Offices, our attorney is ready to represent you during any hearing that involves the custody of your children.

Demonstrate your fitness as a parent and establish an agreement that clearly provides for their needs with our representation during any hearing. We can advise you on all of the factors to consider, including your options for custody modification and mediation. Our firm does not offer mediation specifically, but we can advise you about when it makes the most sense, and refer you to a mediator that best fits your needs.

Tell us what type of role you wish to fill as a parent, and retain your rights to custody on your terms with our representation. You may need the services of our child custody lawyer as part of a divorce proceeding, or because you and your partner are splitting up.

Existing custody agreements can sometimes be modified if one party can show that there has been a material change of circumstances impacting the best interests of the child. Our lawyer can help determine whether there has been a material change of circumstances that would justify bringing the case back to court for a custody modification.



Maryland courts are focused on the best interests of the child, so it is crucial that you turn to an experienced attorney in Carroll County to show that the best interest includes you. The courts will judge a variety of factors when it comes to visitation rights and custody. Some of these factors include the fitness and the character of the parties involved. Your past and current role as a parent and your ability to maintain familial relationships is also a critical factor for any proceeding.

Our custody attorney will ask you a series of questions to establish what you are seeking in terms of legal and physical custody. Legal custody involves making major life decisions regarding your child, such as healthcare, education, and choice of religion. Physical custody involves a determination of who the children will reside with, and on what schedule. We strive to get you the physical custody schedule that is in the best interests of your children, whether that be primary physical custody with visitation or a shared physical custody situation.

Not every divorce lawyer in Carroll County is experienced with child custody agreements, so it is vital that you contact one that is knowledgeable in the areas of the law that you require. Call our law office at (410) 871-0003 to connect with our lawyer, who can represent your needs.