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Arson is when someone willfully and maliciously sets fire to a dwelling and or structure. Arson comes in varying degrees and is very dependent on the facts of the case and the elements, which the State needs to prove to get a conviction.

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Arson is when someone willfully and maliciously sets fire to a home, building or structure. The charges can vary based on the severity of the fire, and the prosecutor will have to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

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What to do if you're charged

Arson is considered a serious crime on its own. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorny will ensure you have someone fighting on your side.

What our attorney will do for you...

  • Gather all information the state is using to build their case against you
  • Determine the severity of charges, and possible setenacing
  • Fight for your rights and work to acheaive the best possible outcome¬†

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Preparing for your Consultation

Have the following information with you:

  • Statement of charges
  • Initial appearance paperwork form the courts
  • Any and all paperwork related to your charges