Peace and Protective Orders in Carroll County, MD

If you need protection from an abusive family member or acquaintance, or if you have been served with a temporary peace or protective order, our attorneys are here to help you. We have experience representing both petitioners and respondents in peace and protective orders, and can help you to navigate the often-confusing process of obtaining or defending a peace or protective order. These orders have very quick turnaround times with the court, once filed – usually about a week. Contact us before filing for a peace or protective order, or as soon as possible after being served with one.

It is important to understand the differences between the orders that Maryland law makes available for relief. Protective orders are generally for people with familial or blood relationships, or intimate relationships. Peace orders are for anyone who does not fit into one of the categories of people eligible for protective orders. Peace and protective orders differ in the grounds for relief, and in the potential types of relief that can be granted. This area of law is based on a series of complicated, interconnected statutes. No matter which side you are on, it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney standing up for you.

There are two main ways of proceeding with a peace or protective order. The respondent can either consent to an order, with agreed-upon terms, or the respondent can request a trial. If the respondent consents to an order, there is no legal finding of abuse made by the judge. If the respondent opts for a trial, and the judge determines that an order is warranted, there will be a legal finding of abuse. For trial purposes, both peace and protective orders are decided on a preponderance of evidence standard. That means that the petitioner must show that it is more likely than not that the type of abuse alleged has occurred. This is a significantly lower threshold than the beyond a reasonable doubt standard that most people are familiar with. Our attorneys can help you to either reach an agreement with the other party, or represent you in a trial.

Violating a peace or protective order has criminal consequences, and can lead to jail time. It is important to understand the terms of the order fully, so that you don’t put yourself at risk of violating them. If you have been charged with violating a peace or protective order, contact our office for a free consultation.

Peace and protective orders can also be modified, rescinded, or shielded, in certain cases. Our attorneys can guide you through those processes.

Whether you are seeking relief from abuse or someone is alleging that you committed an act of abuse against them, attorneys with the McFadden Law Offices are here to represent you every step of the away. Don’t make the mistake of going to court alone. Set up a free consultation today. We proudly serve clients in Westminster, Maryland and communities throughout Carroll County and surrounding counties.

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