When to Request Child Support Modification

mother and teenage sonChild support can be a tricky topic to navigate. What many divorced parents do not know is that child support can be modified, even years after the divorce is finalized. The court recognizes that circumstances can change, so they allow for modification of Carroll County child support in certain circumstances. Here are the situations that warrant child support modification:

Decrease in Income

If one parent loses their primary source of income or suffers a reduction in income, they are eligible for adjustments. The parent paying support may request a decrease in support. If the custodial parent loses their income, they are able to seek an increase in support if they are unable to provide proper support with the amount currently being paid.

Increase in Income

If the parent paying the child support gets a large inheritance or significant pay increase, the custodial parent can consider seeking an increase in support payments.

Changes in Responsibilities

As kids age, their needs change. If your child needs braces or participates in many extra-curricular activities, the custodial parent can seek additional support to cover the costs. Children’s needs tend to become more expensive as they age, so this is an understandable reason to petition the court for child support modification.

Increase of Familial Responsibilities

If the parent responsible for paying child support has more children or remarries, they might petition for a decrease in child support so that they can support the new children as well as their child from the previous marriage.

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