When to Request a Protective Order

lawyer looking through paperwork for a protective orderThere are times in life when people need protection from those who are closest to them. Perhaps you or a loved one is being stalked, threatened, or even beaten by a spouse, ex-boyfriend, or family member. A victim does have legal protection available to him or her in the State of Maryland. You can request a protective order in Carroll County.

The process can be complicated, which is why many people opt to go to an attorney, rather than try to navigate the complexities of the court system themselves. After all, this is a dangerous situation, so there is an urgency about getting all the paperwork done quickly and thoroughly in order to safeguard you or your loved one.

The law and legal system do offer protection to those being threatened or harmed by people close to them. However, it is up to the victim to set the process in motion. First, the paperwork must be filed with the court. What the order does is let the individual who is threatening or harming the victim know he or she is under the watchful eye of the law. If the order is violated, there are criminal consequences, and the guilty could end up in jail.

Seek a protective order in Caroll County when a family member or significant other is threatening you. Our attorneys can file the legal protection for you when you call us at (410) 871-0003.