close-up of parent holding hands with their child

What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support

Even when a divorce is amicable, Carroll County child support can remain a bone of contention between the parents. During divorce proceedings, the finances of both spouses are examined and the judge determines an amount based on a set of state guidelines. As the law sees it, both parents have an obligation to pay for the upbringing of their offspring.

However, your ex-spouse is not meeting their obligation. They are not paying your court-ordered child support. This causes you financial hardship and your children are suffering because of it.

What should you do? Reach out to a qualified attorney in Carroll County for Child Support.  A lawyer can help you get the Child Support you should be getting paid.  It can be done via a Petition for Contempt or a garnishment of wages in which the non-paying party’s company will pay you the support directly from their employer.

We know that dealing with an ex-spouse who refuses to pay child support is frustrating. Reach out to McFadden Law Offices today to schedule a consultation about your case.