Steps to Take After an Accident

We understand the overwhelming feeling you get when you have just collided with another vehicle.  To help you prepare in case you are ever involved in an accident, we have provided some things to remember below.

Seek Medical Attention

Your priority should be to pursue medical attention if you are severely injured in an accident. Your health and the health of your passengers is the most important thing. Even if you feel fine after a crash, you could have injuries that you might not feel right away like whiplash.

Photographs & Gather Information

If you are not injured, you should take pictures of the scene of the accident and all vehicles involved. Your pictures can help recreate the scene if it is needed later. You can also submit photos to the insurance company. Do not forget to gather information from people who witnessed the accident.

Speak with One of Our Attorneys

Let us fight your insurance company on your behalf, so you can focus on recovering as quickly as possible. Our accident attorneys will keep you in the loop on the progress of your case, so you never have to wonder.

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