Signs that a Relationship Could Become Abusive

domestic violenceMost relationships don’t start violent, and many never reach this point – but sometimes they do. While these types of things are often unpredictable, there are a few telltale signs that may point to future abuse and violence within a relationship.

Drinking Problems within the Relationship

When one partner drinks too much and the other does not, this can lead to serious conflict within a relationship. If you take this dynamic and add in frequent arguments, you are looking at a recipe for disaster. While this is not a hard and fast rule, there is some correlation between heavy alcohol use and violence within a relationship. If you cannot get your partner to moderate their drinking, you should get out. Understand that it is not your job to save them should they refuse to work on their own behavior.

Manipulative Behaviors

Too often, emotionally manipulative behaviors turn into physical abuse later on. If your partner is hyper-vigilant about your whereabouts, tries to monopolize all of your time, and threatens you with retaliation for infidelity, these are huge red flags. If they are manipulating your emotions to keep you by their side or to get you to behave a certain way, you should leave the relationship as soon as you can safely do so.

How to Get a Protective Order

When relationships turn sour, sometimes you need to take extra measures to stay safe. When you need a protective order in Carroll County and throughout the state of Maryland, turn to the McFadden Law Offices. We provide compassionate legal services for those looking to escape an abusive relationship. Call us today at (410) 871-0003 for more information about protective orders and to schedule a consultation.