The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) holds hearings where individuals accused of DUI can request a work permit or challenge the suspension of their license. As a client of McFadden Law Offices, we represent you during your MVA hearing. These hearings are typically shorter and more straightforward than court cases. If you are simply requesting a modified license for work purposes, the hearing will take around 20 minutes. If you are challenging the suspension, though, the process will take longer, usually up to an hour or more.

Our DUI attorney in Carroll County, MD, will provide the diligent representation that's necessary to help you achieve a favorable outcome. While the final decision is up to the MVA, we defend our clients' interest and make a persuasive case to the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). When you need a lawyer in Maryland to represent you at your MVA hearing, reach out to us.

Contact us to schedule your consultation. We represent clients in Carroll County, Maryland.


DUIs are not the only traffic infractions that can lead to jail time. Serious traffic offenses, such as driving on a suspended or revoked license, driving without a license, and driving without insurance can carry serious fines and jail time, in addition to points on your license. If you have been arrested or received a traffic citation for a traffic offense that says "Must Appear" on the ticket, you are required to go to court for that ticket. It is vital to have a lawyer familiar with the penalties and potential outcomes associated with those "Must Appear" offenses before you go in front of a judge. Don't be blindsided by high fines, potential jail time, and more points on your license. Contact us today to discuss your case.


Other minor traffic infractions like speeding or negligent driving can result in points on your license, fines, and increased insurance rates. In these cases, you should seek traffic lawyer in Maryland, to challenge the citation. Although most minor traffic citations, allow you to simply pay a fine, choosing to pay the fine rather than going to court is considered a guilty plea, and any potential points associated with the ticket will be automatically added to your driving record. In addition to increased insurance rates, point accumulation can ultimately lead to a suspension of your license and your ability to drive. You can learn more about your options for challenging specific tickets when you schedule a consultation with our law firm.

Let our attorney help navigate you through the court system when you are facing a Carroll County DUI charge. For minor traffic citations, our attorney can even go to court on your behalf, which saves you from taking off work to appear in court. Contact our law firm today to discuss your specific case.