How to Handle the Holidays with Children

Whether you’re going through a separation or you have been divorced for a couple of years, the holidays can be a challenging time because everyone wants to spend time with the children. Our compassionate attorneys understand how emotional this time can be for you and your children, so we have created a list of some tips for you to try below.Child Custody attorney Carroll County

Make a Schedule

Discussing a schedule in advance will help take away the stress as the holidays approach. We recommend having plenty of time to decide on a plan, so everyone can agree on the terms ahead of time.

Equal Time

Both parties want to spend time with the children, so we recommend splitting the time as equal as possible. It might not be exact, but it is essential to try to make sure both parents get to see the children equally.

Swap Every Year

Depending on how close you live to your ex-spouse, you can swap the holidays every year. For example, you will get the children for Thanksgiving one year, and the next year the other person will get the kids for Thanksgiving.

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