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How to Deal with Concerns about Visitation Safety

child custody attorney carroll countyPart of the divorce decree between you and your ex-spouse means your child or children spend a certain amount of time with the other parent. This is based on the legal theory that it is best for the children to have both parents involved in their lives. This principle, in the best interests of the child, guides the judge and the entire legal system in matters of divorce, custody, and visitation. To understand the law and how it applies to your situation, many people seek the advice of a child custody attorney in Carroll County.

We all know the law is complicated and becomes even more so when court cases are fraught with emotion, as is especially the case with family law. There are hurt feelings and bad memories that linger on in the minds of all involved. To view the situation through the eyes of the law, it is helpful to hire a skilled and experienced attorney. This professional can assess the situation and let you know what the legal remedy is.

The law does offer protections for children. However, there needs to be paperwork, reports, and court orders, and even police involvement, to prompt action. Call an attorney you can trust to advise you on what you can do when you have concerns about the safety of your child or children during visitation.

Consult with a child custody attorney in Carroll County when you’re worried about visitation safety. Call our attorney’s office today at (410) 871-0003.

When to Request a Protective Order

lawyer looking through paperwork for a protective orderThere are times in life when people need protection from those who are closest to them. Perhaps you or a loved one is being stalked, threatened, or even beaten by a spouse, ex-boyfriend, or family member. A victim does have legal protection available to him or her in the State of Maryland. You can request a protective order in Carroll County.

The process can be complicated, which is why many people opt to go to an attorney, rather than try to navigate the complexities of the court system themselves. After all, this is a dangerous situation, so there is an urgency about getting all the paperwork done quickly and thoroughly in order to safeguard you or your loved one.

The law and legal system do offer protection to those being threatened or harmed by people close to them. However, it is up to the victim to set the process in motion. First, the paperwork must be filed with the court. What the order does is let the individual who is threatening or harming the victim know he or she is under the watchful eye of the law. If the order is violated, there are criminal consequences, and the guilty could end up in jail.

Seek a protective order in Caroll County when a family member or significant other is threatening you. Our attorneys can file the legal protection for you when you call us at (410) 871-0003.

Signs that a Relationship Could Become Abusive

domestic violenceMost relationships don’t start violent, and many never reach this point – but sometimes they do. While these types of things are often unpredictable, there are a few telltale signs that may point to future abuse and violence within a relationship.

Drinking Problems within the Relationship

When one partner drinks too much and the other does not, this can lead to serious conflict within a relationship. If you take this dynamic and add in frequent arguments, you are looking at a recipe for disaster. While this is not a hard and fast rule, there is some correlation between heavy alcohol use and violence within a relationship. If you cannot get your partner to moderate their drinking, you should get out. Understand that it is not your job to save them should they refuse to work on their own behavior.

Manipulative Behaviors

Too often, emotionally manipulative behaviors turn into physical abuse later on. If your partner is hyper-vigilant about your whereabouts, tries to monopolize all of your time, and threatens you with retaliation for infidelity, these are huge red flags. If they are manipulating your emotions to keep you by their side or to get you to behave a certain way, you should leave the relationship as soon as you can safely do so.

How to Get a Protective Order

When relationships turn sour, sometimes you need to take extra measures to stay safe. When you need a protective order in Carroll County and throughout the state of Maryland, turn to the McFadden Law Offices. We provide compassionate legal services for those looking to escape an abusive relationship. Call us today at (410) 871-0003 for more information about protective orders and to schedule a consultation.

When to Request Child Support Modification

mother and teenage sonChild support can be a tricky topic to navigate. What many divorced parents do not know is that child support can be modified, even years after the divorce is finalized. The court recognizes that circumstances can change, so they allow for modification of Carroll County child support in certain circumstances. Here are the situations that warrant child support modification:

Decrease in Income

If one parent loses their primary source of income or suffers a reduction in income, they are eligible for adjustments. The parent paying support may request a decrease in support. If the custodial parent loses their income, they are able to seek an increase in support if they are unable to provide proper support with the amount currently being paid.

Increase in Income

If the parent paying the child support gets a large inheritance or significant pay increase, the custodial parent can consider seeking an increase in support payments.

Changes in Responsibilities

As kids age, their needs change. If your child needs braces or participates in many extra-curricular activities, the custodial parent can seek additional support to cover the costs. Children’s needs tend to become more expensive as they age, so this is an understandable reason to petition the court for child support modification.

Increase of Familial Responsibilities

If the parent responsible for paying child support has more children or remarries, they might petition for a decrease in child support so that they can support the new children as well as their child from the previous marriage.

When you need help modifying your child support, contact McFadden Law Offices at (410) 871-0003.

David M. McFadden Awarded Top 40 under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers

Maryland residents know, when you need representation, you turn to McFadden Law Offices. David M. McFadden, Esquire, is an experienced lawyer who is ready to go to bat for you in criminal law, family law, and personal injury law cases throughout the state of Maryland. When you contact our firm for legal guidance, you can put your trust in McFadden and his staff.

Top 40 Under 40

In March 2019, David McFadden was honored to become part of the Top 40 Under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers. This honor highlights Mr. McFadden’s dedication to providing his clients with exceptional legal representation.

Other Accolades

David McFadden is an award-winning trial lawyer. In addition to earning a spot in the top 40 under 40, Mr. McFadden was named Avvo Client’s Choice in Criminal Defense in 2016 and 2017. He was also chosen to be part of the Top Ten Ranking with the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2017 and 2018.

Former Clients

Former clients of our lawyer in Maryland strongly recommend David McFadden’s compassionate and attentive services, as evidenced by their five-star reviews. When you are ready to schedule a consultation with Mr. McFadden to review your case, contact our law offices at (410) 871-0003.

What are Your Rights When You or a Loved One is Involved in a Motorcycle Crash?

motorcycle accidentA motorcycle accident can be devastating – especially when the impact is with a larger vehicle. After the accident, you could be faced with medical bills, lost wages, and other missed opportunities. Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately very common, as many drivers don’t know to watch for motorcyclists on the highway. So what can you do if you or a loved one is injured or killed in a motorcycle accident?

You Have Rights

A motorcyclist has the same rights as other motorists, but they are often the victim of drivers who aren’t aware of this fact. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you can seek legal compensation to pay your hospital bills, make up for lost wages, and make up for the pain and suffering that this accident has caused.

Legal Representation

When you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle crash that results in injury or death, you need a qualified car accident attorney in Carroll County on your side. David McFadden is a skilled attorney who will fight for your rights after your accident. He can help you get the favorable outcome you need to recover. Contact our law office today at (410) 871-0003.